Luckys Log Is A Series Of Story's based on Multiple RPs That I Did With Capn Woomy.

[Day One Part One. The Beginning.]

it started out as a normal day for lucky. the sun was shining ever so brightly and capn was finally free from squid jail. that meant that lucky finally had a chance to meet the one that inspired him to be a captain!

capn woomy had recently opened a new store in inkopolis called the woomy store. he walked into to the store. "Hi Capn Woomy! Im Your Biggest Fan!" he said excitedly. Capn Replied With "Wow. I Never Knew I Had Any Big Fans. Do You Plan On Buying Anything From The Woomy Store?" Lucky Nodded And Replied With "Well I Was Wondering If I Could Work Here. Oh And Heres A Box Of Cookies For You!" she took the box and replied with "You Can Work Here! You Will Be One Of Are Many Under Paid Cashiers. though ill pay you a little extra since you gave me this nice box of cookies." THIS PART ISN'T FINISHED YET.