Rubble Trouble Tokyo, also known as Rubble Trouble 2, is a puzzle-action game released Thursday July 28, 2011. As a sequel to Rubble Trouble New York, it retains the same basic gameplay as its predecessor, only it takes place in Tokyo, Japan instead of New York, New York, United States.

Controls Edit

Mouse - Use Tools

Interactive objects Edit

  • Sumo Wrestlers - These are set in various places in a level. They damage buildings similar to the way the Pachinko does. The player must alter the Sumo Wrestlers' surroundings in order for them to be used to their full potential.

Previews Edit

April 5 2011 Edit

Nitrome provided a pixelated image saying that it was a sequel to an upcoming game. The post triggered much guessing on what the game might be on Facebook and Twitter.

May 6th Edit

A month and a day later, Nitrome revealed that game hinted in the pixelated image was Rubble Trouble Tokyo. An image of the game was provided.

June 24th Edit

Nitrome revealed a trailer for Rubble Trouble Tokyo. The trailer revealed some of the new tools, and some new objects.

Link setup Edit

Nitrome set up a link for Rubble Trouble 2 in June. The link when loaded showed the words "Rubble Trouble Tokyo". A scrolling background showing Tokyo at night could be seen. After the release of Test Subject Arena, the link redirected to Test Subject Arena rather than Rubble Trouble Tokyo background.

Gallery Edit

The logo for the game as seen on the Nitrome game slider on the front page

Miniclip Awards Edit

Rubble Trouble Tokyo Bronze  45,000 points  Rubble Trouble Tokyo Silver  80,000 points  Rubble Trouble Tokyo Gold  120,000 points

Awards Edit

Site/Event Year Contest Prize Outcome
Flash Gaming Summit 2012 The Mochis Best Puzzle Game Nominated - Finalist

Trivia Edit

  • On level two, the male superhero and Godzilla from Pixel Pop appear on TV screens on the first and third buildings respectively. The second building has a gorilla beating his chest, a likely reference to Donkey Kong.
  • On level twenty-three, the people at the little friendly dojo resemble Mr. Miyagi and Daniel from the movie the Karate Kid.
  • On level eleven, the dojo called the Viper Fist bears a resemblance to the dojo called the Cobra Kai in the movie the Karate Kid.
  • On level twenty-two, Takeshi and the sushi health item from Final Ninja can be seen on a set of screens on the building the player is supposed to destroy in one level.
  • There was a glitch that the level select screen will list all levels as 0. the glitch was fixed by Nitrome.
  • Canary 214-LE and the Mystical Flying Fish appear as toys in in the "n-toy" vending machines. However, it can be only recognized when the machine is zoomed in.
  • Neutronized's game Roar Rampage destruction engine was based on this series.