This is the first episode of Rust: The Story.

Story Edit

"W-what happened?" asks Timon,waking up on an island in the middle of nowhere.

He gets up.

"Where am I?" he asks himself.

He hears something behind him,a wolf is approaching him.

"Oh f**k..." he says.

He picks up a rock and smashes it right into the wolf's snout,but the wolf doesn't give up.

"Man,how many hits can a wolf take?!" asks Timon,panicking and running away.


"I-I think I'm safe." says Timon,resting next to a rock.

He sees a house,he approaches it,hoping there might be people there.He opens the door,and walks into the kicthen.

"Hello? Is anybody there?" asks a voice.

"What was that?" asks Timon.

He sees a walkie-talkie on the kitchen counter.

"Oh god,I thought I was the only one.."

"Who are you?"

"Don't worry,I guess you also stranded here? They call this island "Rust",it's a place where the undead roam around,numerous people have stranded here,but no one remembers how they got here."

"That didn't answer my question.Who are you?"

"Relax,I'm Allen,what's your name?"


"Well Timon,I hope you got a shelter,it's getting dark."

"What? Can't you come and help me?"

"I'm sorry,I can't,I'll look for you later."


Timon is sitting at a camp fire.

"It's f**kin' cold..." he says.

He's very hungry.

"I need to eat something." says Timon "Wait,is that a chicken?".

He approaches the animal.

"Oh my god, thank you!" he says, as he walks towards the chicken with a hunting knife he found.

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