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This is the first episode of The Last Ones.

Story Edit

Peter,Tony and Casper are sitting around the campfire.

"Ahhh,nice 'n' comfy!" says Peter.

"It's getting fuckin' cold outside,good we could find that lighter." says Tony.

"It's late Tony." says Peter while sighing "I'm sleepy,I'm gonna go in the tent.".

"'Kay dude,I'll keep watch."

Peter goes to sleep.


"Good mornin' Sleeping Beauty!" says Peter "Get your ass up.".

"The fuck dude,it's 8 o' clock..." says Tony.

"Yeah,I don't care,zombies are always up."


"I'm gonna go get some water at the river."


Peter walks to the river,while Tony and Casper are settling around the campfire.

Casper suddenly begins to bark.

"Shhhhh,zombies can here us!" says Tony

But Casper doesn't stop.

"What is it boy?"

Tony hears groaming,he turns around.

"Oh shit! Zombies!"

He shoots the first one right through the eye,then he shoots the next.Casper runs to the third and bites him in his leg,the zombie falls down.

"Whoa,what the fuck happened here?" asks Peter who came back from the river.

"Zombies,that's what happened." says Tony.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I am."

"Watch out!"

Peter takes his knife out and kills a zombie behind Tony.

"Fuck man,you know you need to shoot it in the head." says Peter.


They go out for a walk,they hear something howling.

"Dude,what's that?" asks Peter.

"I don't know." says Tony.

Tony looks at his back,he sees to wolfs slowly approaching them,looking like they haven't eaten in days.

"Fuck,run!" shouts Tony.

They start running as fast as they can.

"A-a-are they-Are they gone?" asks Peter while heavily panting.

"I think so." says Tony.

Tony looks at his back,and doesn't watch the road.

"Tony,watch out right before you!" shouts Peter.

Tony falls of a cliff,good thing it's not that high of a fall.

"Dude! Are you alive?" asks Peter.

"Yes,of course I am!" Tony shouts back "But how the fuck am I gonna get up?".

"I don't know!"

"Hey,that dead body has a rope with him,must've been a mountain climber."

"Okay! Go and get it!"

Tony reaches towards the rope when,all of a sudden,the mountain climber gets up and attacks Tony.

"What's happening down there?!" asks Peter.

"Nothing,just a zombie!" shouts Tony "Where the fuck is my gun when I need it?".

He shoots the zombie and picks up his rope.

Characters Edit

Main Cast:

*Does not appear in this episode.

Supporting Cast:


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