Warning! This contains cursing,violence and a lot of blood,proceed with caution!

This is the second episode of The Last Ones.

Story Edit

Tony and Casper are walking in the forest,they suddenly see an arrow stuck in a tree.

"Where the fuck is that from?" asks Tony.

Tony sees a man a bit further in the forest,Casper starts barking at him,they run towards him.

"Well thanks,you scared my prey away!" says the man.

"Who the fuck are you?!" asks Tony.

"I'm John,John Reemus,I have a camp not to far from here,eehm,up the hill."

"Okay,you have anyone else with you?"

"No,just me,I swear."

"Well I see that you're a hunter,and I don't wanna seem like a helpless freak but,we're starving at my camp,my freind couldn't come with me because he was to hungry to walk,please John,could you give us some food?"

"Sure,here take this,it's pig meat,got enough anyway."

"Oh thank you!"

"Could I see that camp of yours?"

"Sure,follow me!"


They arrive at a small cave with a campfire a sleeping bag,weapons,food and water.

"Woooow,you've got a shit load of stuff!" says Tony "Would you mind if we come here?"

"Sure,if you have your own place to sleep." says John "Go get your freind."

"Okay,I'll go get 'im."


"Dude,Peter,get up!" says Tony.

"I'm so hungry..." says Peter.

"Here you go,eat it."

"Where did you get it?"

"From a guy named John,we're moving out,to his camp."

"Seriously? I gotta fucking walk that far,with a tent in my hands?"



They arrive at the camp and set up the tent.

"Hey,I know this place." says Peter.

"What do you mean?"

"I've been here before,it's the Ellius Cliff.Doesn't your cousin live down there in the town?"

"I think so,I'd like to know if he's alive."

"Welm what're we waiting for?"

They slowly climb down the cliff.

Characters Edit

Main Cast:

*Does not appear in this episode.

Supporting Cast:


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