Warning! This contains cursing,violence and a lot of blood,proceed with caution!

This is the third episode of The Last Ones.

Story Edit

They're heading down the cliff,when they reach the ground it's already night.

"I can't see shit!" whispers Peter.

"Here,take a flashlight." says John.

"There's something over there."

"I see it,it's the Ellius Memorial,from World War II." says Tony.


"Shit! Get back,get back!" whispers John "Put out the flashlight!".

They're hiding behind a rock.

"Who the fuck is that?" asks Tony.

"I don't know." says John.

"He's sleeping." says Peter.

"Wait here,I'll approach him." says Tony.

"No,I'll do it!" whispers John "I can sneak better.".


John slowly approaches the person,John steps on a branch.

"Shit!" whispers John.

The person get's up immediatley.

"W-w-who are you?" he asks.

"My name is John,Don't worry kid,I'm not here to hurt you." says John "Now just tell me your name.".

"G-get away f-from me!"

"Shh,you want to alert all the zombies?"


"Just tell me your name,everything will be fine,I promise."

"C-Cedrick,Cedrick Wells."

"Okay that's go-"

Cedrick takes out a gun and shoots,it hits John's shoulder.

"John!" shouts Peter.

Peter and Tony show run to John.

"John,John,no!" Peter cries.

Tony get's up.

"You motherfuckin' kid!" says Tony "I'm gonna kill you!".

"I'm so,SO sorry I d-didn't mean to I swear!" Cedrick says.

"No,no,no,no,no,you killed him,you'll pay for that!"

"He's alive!" says Peter,who suddenly heared John breathing.

"D-don't do it... It wasn't that kid's fault.." says John,while coughing heavily.

"Oh god,you're coughing up blood." says Peter.

"C-can I help? I've g-got medicine." says Cedrick

"Oh no! You're gonna stay away from John you bitch!" says Tony.

"Don't talk like that Tony! Yes,yes you can help,hand me some bandages." says Peter.


"Thank you Cedrick." says John who's able to move again.

"No problem." says Cedrick.

"I think I'm gonna hunt some deer."

"No John,you gotta rest at least a few days,you're lucky the bullet went right through." says Peter.

"SIR YES SIR!" jokingly says John.

Characters Edit

Main Cast:

*Does not appear in this episode.

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