Warning! This contains cursing,violence and a lot of blood,proceed with caution!

This is the fourth episode of The Last Ones.

Story Edit

"Shit,it maybe fixed but it still hurts like hell." says John.

"Well,I guess you gotta put up with that shit." says Peter.


3 Months Later

The camp has grown,their are a lot of supplies,food,weapons,tents and survivors.

"Uh Carlos,could you get Peter for me please?" asks John.

"Sure thing John." says Carlos.

Carlos enters Peter's tent.

"Peter,John told me to come and get you." says Carlos.

"Why?" asks Peter.

"I don't know."

"Okay,thanks Carlos."

"Muchos Gracias,as we say in Mexico."


"What did you want to see me for?" asks Peter.

"I'm gonna go on a supplie run,wanna know if you'd join me." says John.


"Okay,Cedrick and Lisa are also coming along."


"I'm gonna go exploring around the area,anyone want to come?" says Tony.

"I'll come with you." says Carlos.

"Okay I'll take Casper with me too."


"Shit,zombies!" says John.

"The fuck are we gonna do now?" asks Peter.

"It's only 5 of them,we can take 'em out one by one." says Lisa.

"Are you crazy?! They're with more than us!" says Peter.

"Goddamnit Peter,you've fought hordes while only with Tony and Casper." says John.

"I guess you're right.Let's do it!"

Peter takes out his survival knife and runs to a litter bin.It's just behind one of 'em,he get's a little closer and stabs him in the head.

"One down!" says Peter.

John takes his bow out and shoots an arrow right through one of the zombies' eye.

"Yes!" says John.

"I'll get that one." says Cedrick,pointing at a zombie bashing at a door.

Cedrick takes out a shovel,sneaks to the door and smashes him in the head,the other zombies hear the shovel banging against the door.

"Shit! We're detected!" says Peter.

He runs to one of the zombies and tackles him,then he stabs him in the eye.The other one pins Cedrick to the ground,he struggles to get loose.Lisa takes out her gun and shoots it in the head.

"Eew.." says Cedrick pushing a bloody,stinking body of his chest.

"Are you crazy Lisa?! Every damn zombie for 5 miles heard that!" says John.

Zombies are already coming their way.

"Oh shit,heeeeeere they come..."

Characters Edit

Main Cast:

*Does not appear in this episode.

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