This is the sixth episode in The Last Ones.

Story Edit

"Fuuuuck.." says Peter.

"Run!" shouts Cedrick.

They start running for their lives,but get cornered by the zombies.

"Shit! There's to many of them!" says John.

"Ahh!Get.Off!" says Lisa.

Their standing on a raised platform while killing all the zombies.

"Fuck! My hatchet fell!" says Lisa.

"We're cornered!" says Peter.

"We're gonna die,we're gonna die!" says Cedrick.

"You're.Not.Mmph.Gonna.Die!" says John pushing a big block of metal on a zombie.

Suddenly the zombis fall down,gunshots are heard.

"Lisa! What did I sya about guns?!" says John.

"That wasn't me." says Lisa.

"Yo Pedro! I see a group down there!" shouts a fat man who's standing on the roof of a building.

"Who are you?!" shouts the other one.

"I'm John! And these are Cedrick,Peter and Lisa!" shouts John.

"Well,it's nice to meet other people! My name is Monroe,but call me Monny!" shouts the fat one.

"I don't know Monny,are you sure we can trust them?" asks the other guy.

"Of course Pedro!"

"Okay.I believe you."


"So,you're Lisa huh? Nice name." asks Pedro,while back in Monroe's camp.

" *giggle* thank you,by the way,thanks for letting us eat here." says Lisa.

"No problem."

"Where'd you get this whole chicken?" aks John.

"What do you think? Supermarket." says Monroe.

"Okay." says John.

Cedrick and a young man are talking about some kind of anime.

"Man,I wish I still had those old Naruto action figures." says the guy who comes sit next to Peter.

"Naruto? What's that? Yeah,sorry if I don't follow the trend,I'm a bit of a grandpa." says Peter.

"He's a nice kid,my name is Ryan by the way."

"He is indeed,we found him camping at the Ellius Memorial,alone,now we made a little community there."

"So you were on somekind of supply run?"



The group,Pedro,Monroe and Ryan were walking back to the memorial.Peter hears his walkie-talkie.

"This is Tony,I've found some survivors for our community,5 to be exact,a man,a girl,an old woman,a black guy and a doctor."

"We also found some people,their names are Pedro,Monroe and Ryan." says Peter.

"So you have a real community?" asks Monroe "With a lot of people I mean,not like a "community" with 3 people."

"Yup,we've got 17 people,not counting you guys and the group Tony found of course." says John.

They arrive at the camp,Tony introduces Diego's group whil Peter introduces Monroe's group.

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Main Cast:

*Does not appear in this episode.

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