Hello, whoever you are.

I am Mahsaad. The founder of this wiki.
I usually didn't edit that much in this wiki. In that time, my brother joined the wiki and we started editing. We added many things.
In that time a user, Timmy fenton started editing. He made some pages. After that, another main user of our wiki came with the name AJ. He made some templates and did some work that I needed to do but I didn't had time.
Then, a user named TMU came, who improved the wiki and made the wiki a part of TMU-isation. It was a good thing for us. And in that time Timmy had to leave for some reason.
We lose a user, but after that, the new user of our wiki Thibo came and has done a lot of editing. In this time, AJ is helping him maintain the work. He (Thibo) is now adding a lot of pages and pictures and filling the lack in our wiki. Now, a new user named Night Bloom has joined! Wow! So many people =D

Hope we will be succesfull!